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Born in Amsterdam-Nieuwendam on a cold, wintery February Sunday, 1951. School was boring to me and I was more interested in the butterflies that fluttered past the schoolroom windows. My interests were more in sports, crafts and exploring the world in the 60s. In the 1970s I completed the art academy in Amsterdam and my art excesses were exhibited in several galleries in Amsterdam. Outside of art, my love for the camera also developed. As a Freelance I have been able to do many beautiful things. Due to visual problems, the great work with the camera has unfortunately come to an end, but the love for the camera remains and now I have more time to pick up the brushes and palettes.

My Photo & Art photos are/have been used for various Media companies, Travel industry, Commercial brochures, Publications, Book Illustrations, European Post nl. Stamp, Theme illustrations, Event books, Wallpaper, Posters, Street & City View.

I have been photographing the Pride Amsterdam since 1994 and how nice is it when you receive an e-mail from the ROYAL LIBRARY and IHLIA LGBT Heritage with the announcement that your website Proud to be Gay * Amsterdam (May 2020)  will be included in their archives for future generations. Both organizations believe that the website contributes to the history of the Amsterdam LGBT culture, the website provides a representative picture of the Dutch LGBT culture, history and society.

Art in different sizes large and small for the wall or original Mini and Midi art pieces as a personal gift for yourself or "for someone special"
In frame or as an Art card to send, there are various options according to your wishes. Take a look at the website and be inspired, in the webshop you can order your desired piece of art. With care and fast shipping, the order will be in your possession within a few days. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or call

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